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What is EducationStars?

We are an independent rating agency for schools all over the world. We provide web pages like where your former students can rate schools, educational institutions and agencies directly. Potential clients can read reviews, compare ratings and much more on our websites and can get information about the quality standards of the different schools, educational institutions and agencies. In short words this means: We do for schools what hotel rating pages do for hotels.

Former students:

Rate your school, educational institution or agency! Go on find what you want to rate through our intelligent search field, set your rating and write a review. Share your personal experience with others!

Future students:

Find all information, including ratings and reviews from former students, contact information of schools, educational institutions and agencies on and find the best course for you!

Schools, educational institutions and agencies:

With your own entry on our website EducationStars gives you the opportunity to let potential clients know about your quality standards. In addition to reviews and reports of former students, you as school, educational institution or agency have various possibilities to place your offerings on our website.

Job Board

Employers can create a company profile page where they can upload a logo, add a link to their website and post any other information to attract more applicants.

Job search

Finding the right job or employer is made easier than ever before. Your candidates will never miss an opportunity to apply for their dream job using keyword and location/radius search.