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Englishour, Dublin, Ireland

EducationStars StarsEducationStars StarsEducationStars StarsEducationStars StarsEducationStars Stars

YOUNA Brazil from Brazil writes a review:

small class size for too many students
terrible atmosphere
no facilities, no books like it was published on its website
the quality of programs and teaching is very bad
some teachers are competent others aren't
don't waste your money and time please
don't make misatkes like us and choose another shool to improve your English

Recently added Language School

Keats Chinese School

EdcuationStars StarsEdcuationStars StarsEdcuationStars StarsEdcuationStars StarsEducationStars Stars

Kunming, China

Located in the city center, Keats School is the only immersion Chinese language school in Kunming, China which offers an all-inclusive study and living environment.

Founded in 2004, Keats School now has 60 classrooms, 54 single rooms with private bathrooms, a Keats Cafeteria and a Keats fitness center.

We provide intensive one-on-one Chinese language instruction to overseas students of all ages. Our fully licensed teachers, who speak standard Mandarin and English, are professionally trained and use unique teaching methods, that we have developed in-house based on our over 14 years of experience.

Everyone has a dream, Keats also has a dream. Keats’ core value is to make your dream come true, so Keats offers the most affordable immersion Chinese language programs that coming to China to study is no longer a dream. Every student is a milestone to Keats, because we are one step closer to make our dream come true.

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