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Travel warning for Russia: Do not travel to Russia under any circumstances!

There are NO flight or train connections and your credit cards will not work. Your passport may be confiscated and safe exit is not guaranteed! Russia can also close the borders completely at any time.

The potential for harassment against U.S. and European citizens by Russian government security officials is very high! Do NOT trust Russia! It is just too dangerous! There is also a risk of arbitrary arrest and hostage taking. Russia can also close the borders completely at any time.

Show strength and that you care about ethical and moral standards and NEVER travel to Russia again until the Russian war criminals are convicted and imprisoned or dead.

216th day of war: The sons of Putin's entourage do not have to do military service and continue to live in luxury. Also the men in the big cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg are spared. Actually, only men from rebellious and Muslim areas are conscripted. More than 250,000 conscripts have already fled. Many do get drafted and surrender immediately. They believe that Ukraine looks much better to them than the Russians themselves.

215th day of war: The sick threats of the war criminals Putin (president of Russia), Medewew (vassal of Putin) and the press spokesman Dmitir Peskov become worse and worse. Constantly they threaten with the atomic bomb! The call-up of the 300'000 reservists (but it is actually one million) goes catastrophically bad. Tens of thousands of reservists have already fled abroad this week. Putin is slipping away from power and, above all, from reality. That makes him all the more dangerous.

214th day of war: Ukrainians defend their country heroically and efficiently. The morale of the Russian troops is down and their completely outdated war material unfortunately hits and kills mainly the Ukrainian civilian population. Putin and his vile Russians simply want to wipe out Ukraine and exterminate everything Ukrainian.

213th day of war: mass graves and torture chambers are again found in the territories recaptured from Ukraine. The Russians are despicable barbarians and will hopefully soon have to answer to the War Crimes Tribunal.

204th day of war: Russia does not allow the UN and the Red Cross access to the Ukrainian POWs. Unfortunately, there are many proofs and evidences that the Russians torture and mistreat the Ukrainian POWs. The unscrupulous and vicious Russians deny these allegations.

203rd day of war: The war criminal, psychopath and president of Russia is now attacking Syria. Moscow's airstrikes in northern Syria kill many people. Putin also uses cluster bombs.

202nd day of war: UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield says there is evidence that Russia deported hundreds of thousands of people to Russia. This is a very bad war crime. Russia does not allow the UN and human rights organizations access to these deportation camps.

201st day of war: the Russians continue to shell the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant and blame Ukraine. The vicious Russians threaten the world with nuclear devastation from the NPP and a serious accident there.

200th day of war: Putin will go down in history as one of Russia's greatest war criminals, along with Stalin. Whether he is insane or megalomaniac remains to be seen. It is incomprehensible that the Russians do not stop him themselves. He rules like the fascists in the Second World War.

199th day of war: More and more Russian soldiers and mercenaries refuse to serve and do not want to fight or dessert. Russia does not pay their wages, does not provide enough food and clothes and abandons its warriors. The families of the tens of thousands of fallen soldiers are not informed either. Also, the leadership of the army is completely headless and the weapons are outdated but very dangerous.

198th day of war: The war criminal and President Putin of Russia visits a military maneuver of Russia and China in the safe east of Russia. On the front in Ukraine, the coward Putin does not dare to show himself. According to the Russian statistics agency, 419,000 people have already left Russia.

197th day of war: Russia fears a deep economic crisis because of the war against Ukraine and the sanctions. Many well-educated scientists and IT specialists leave Russia and prefer to live in the West.

196th war day: The Turkish despot, dictator and president Erdogan explains today that the west itself is to blame for the energy shortage and this only because of the sanctions against Russia because of the Ukraine war. Erdogan forgets that his friend Putin started the war and invaded Ukraine.

195th day of war: War criminal and President Putin of Russia announces that no more gas will be delivered to the West as long as the sanctions imposed on Russia - because of Russia's attack on Ukraine - are not withdrawn. This will hit the West short and hard - but set Russia and its corrupt economy back decades.

194th day of war: Putin and the Russians stop supplying gas to Europe. Allegedly, a technical glitch is to blame. This is good, because it means Europe will have to become independent of Russia more quickly and NEVER import gas or oil from Russia again. This will hurt the Russian economy more permanently than the European economy.

193rd day of war: Kremlin spokeswoman Maria Sakharov again threatens the EU and the Western world with radioactive radiation, i.e. nuclear bombs or a nuclear power plant accident. The Russians accidentally shell their own city of Belgorod, 40 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

192nd day of war: Something of the worst and completely inexplicable in the free Western world is that most Russians still stand behind Putin and believe all the lies.

191st day of war: the list of lies and crimes of Putin and his vassals is getting longer every day. The war of Russia against Ukraine is getting harder every day and the Russians are bombing as much as possible. They want to wear down with many deaths and the civilian population. The Russians do not care how many children and women and pensioners die. The war criminal Putin and his ultra-evil generals also don't care how many of their own soldiers die.

190th day of war: Russia allows IAEA experts to visit nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhya. The experts start their way to the nuclear plant to see how safe it still is. Russia bombs the route of the IAEA team to welcome them. Simply criminal and despicable! It shows once again that the Russians are not to be trusted under any circumstances.

189th day of war: Russia kills another oligarch. This time a Lukoil boss falls out of a window. It's a whole series of murders by the Russians that go unsolved.

188th day of war: one of the greatest Russians, Mikhail Gorbachev, dies and Putin announces that he cannot attend the funeral due to time constraints.

187th day of war: Russia threatens the EU: if the EU stops giving Russians visas for the vacations, Russia wants to respond with retaliation. So Russia should then no longer issue tourist visas to Europeans for Russia. This is all right, because nobody wants to go to Russia voluntarily for vacations any more anyway. And why should Russians travel to the so hated West for vacations?

Day 186 of the war: India is now one of Russia's allies and has abandoned the free world. Russia deplores the attitude of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania towards Russia and the Russians. Since Russia started the unjustified war against Ukraine, Russia should not complain if the Russians are not so welcome in the free Western world.

Day 185 of the war: Russia plans a military maneuver called Vostok with over 50,000 troops. China, India and Belarus will also participate. Thus some rogue states are united and show their true face where their preferences lie.

184th day of war: The excuses of the Russian defense minister and war criminal Sergei Shoigu are getting more and more stupid. He explains the faltering advance of his army with the fact that this was so wanted. This would result in fewer civilian deaths among the Ukrainian population. Why then has Russia been bombing civilian targets in Ukraine day and night for more than six months?

183rd day of war: War criminal Putin and his Kremlin gang have arrested one of the last opposition figures. Yesterday, the Kremlin critic Yevgeny Roisman was arrested. He faces at least five years in prison. Roisman was the former mayor of Yekaterinburg.

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182nd day of war: August 24, 2022 - SIX MONTHS OF WAR: The vicious Russians started the brutal war in Ukraine for no reason and nothing else is the truth! Period! Never trust the Russians no matter what they say or do.

181st day of war: Today the Russians arrested a ZDF news reporter from Germany for filming people spraying graffiti against the war. Putin is oppressing his people and has abolished freedom of the press. Anyone who dares to call the attack against Ukraine "war" or criticize Putin goes immediately to jail.

180th day of war: Dictator Putin threatens the world again with the nuclear power plant Zaporizhzhya and a possible super accident. Practically everything that Russia accuses the West of, Russia does itself. The false information has system in Russia.

179th day of war: assassination of ultra-nationalist Dugin's daughter, Darya Dugina, shakes Russia. The Kremlin immediately blames the Ukrainians although a Russian partisan group led by Ilya Ponomarev takes responsibility. This Russian partisan group wants to overthrow and eliminate Putin and his followers and free Russia from Putin.

178th War Day: The Russians and oligarchs who have unjustly enriched themselves from the state are now leaving the Cote d'Azur in France and are now partying in the rogue state of Turkey where they are very welcome.

177th war day: Nothing new from the war criminal Putin. He once again blames the West and misleadingly fails to realize that he, dictator Putin, started the war in Ukraine (2022) and against Crimea (2014)! It is Russia and China everywhere that prevent peace in the world. Even the head of the Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, blames the West and Washington. Yet only one country started the unnecessary and brutal war in Ukraine: RUSSIA! Russia could stop the war immediately and at any time. It is urgent time that Russians are no longer allowed to travel to Europe. They come as tourists and do espionage and sabotage.

176th day of war: Putin wants to lead Russia back to the Middle Ages also culturally: US Blockbuster, Rock'n Roll and western values are to be forbidden in Russia. Only artists, musicians and filmmakers loyal to the Kremlin are to be allowed to work and show their products. Putin believes that Russia has had enough of Hollywood and liberal values and should once again become a dictatorship as it was during the time of the USSR.

175th War Day: The Russian war criminal and defense minister says today that he sees no need for nuclear weapons deployment in Ukraine at the moment. This statement is doubly dangerous. First, he says "at the moment" and second, the Russian war in Ukraine has taught us that the Russians lie all the time.

174th day of war: on November 17, 2022, the verdict on the downing of Flight MH17 will be handed down. More than eight years ago, the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane was shot down by a Russian missile (Buk type) and 298 people died. Most of the dead were Dutch. Russia to this day denies any responsibility and as usual blames Ukraine. This is the normal behavior of the vicious Russians. Russia has destroyed any trust in its government in institutions for decades.

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173rd day of war: Since the Russians' weapons are very poor, they can't aim them well either and hit mostly civilian targets, killing women and children. Or they do it on purpose, you never know with these brutal Russians. In any case, the megalomaniac Putin and his abnormal generals will hopefully be tried and punished by the international war crimes tribunal.

172nd day of war: Who would have thought that there would be a nation that would still start a brutal war in Europe in 2020. The heinously vicious Russia has managed to do what no one believed anymore. In the middle of Europe the Russians are killing, raping and robbing. And the truth and freedom died in Russia long ago.

Day 171 of the war: the Russians treat their warriors at the front badly. They receive no pay and hardly any food. Therefore, they are encouraged to loot, steal and take whatever they can. The mood of the Russian warriors has reached a new low. Likewise, the bodies of the dead warriors are not handed over to their families, nor are the families informed about the death of their sons. This would weaken the fighting morale of the vicious Russians even more and Putin and his henchmen are still talking that their war - which is not allowed to be called that in Russia - is successfully going according to plan.

170th day of war: Russians are heinous war criminals and incredible liars and cowards. Now they have placed their artillery around one of the largest nuclear power plants in Europe to bombard Ukrainian cities from there. They are simply accepting a nuclear power plant meltdown. They don't care and they will deny everything as usual and blame Ukraine and the West.

The brutal Russians bomb a camp with Ukrainian POWs and kill them. They immediately blame Ukraine. But intercepted phone calls clearly prove that Russia bombed these camps. The Russians are more cowardly and vicious than ever. The Russians' reputation will be deeply damaged for decades.

169th day of war: Medvedev names Georgia and Kazakhstan as artificial states that will soon be part of the new USSR again. He wrote on Telegram that soon all people will live together again peacefully in the new USSR. Shortly after, the post has been deleted and Medvedev claimed that his Telegram account has been hacked. Always in the old lying manner of Russians.

168th day of war: Russia has stolen so much grain in Ukraine that they can hardly explain its whereabouts to the world and UN. Now they claim that in Crimea, which was stolen by Ukraine (2004), there was the best harvest in 30 years and that is why they have so much grain. No wonder if the vicious Russians steal all the grain!

167th day of war: Russia is a troublemaker all over the world. The rogue state of Serbia, a good friend of Russia, is now trying to turn a conflict with Kosovo into an armed conflict. Obviously, Putin is provoking a new war in the Balkans.

166th day of war: every day new atrocities of Russians become known. And every day new lies of Russia are exposed. Apparently, the Russians killed prisoners of war and then took them to a prison, which they then bombed, claiming that it was the Ukrainians. The Russians are truly vile and brutal.

The rogue Russians viciously killed grain entrepreneur Olexy Vadaturskyy and his wife today! The vicious Russians intentionally shelled their house during the night. The ultra-vicious Russians are trying everything to sabotage Ukraine's grain export. Although the Russians have agreed to the export agreement, they are preventing it in every possible way.

165th Day of War: Unfortunately, since we started writing this war blog about Russia, we have NEVER been able to write one positive thing about the Russians. They are so abysmally evil that it is hard to believe. Every statement from the Kremlin is a lie or distorts reality.

BREAKING NEWS: Dictator Putin and Lying Lavrov worry that in the free world the press is no longer free. If it wasn't so tragic, it would be funny. In Russia, where all critical media are banned and dissidents are put in jail for no reason, people are worried about the free press in the free world. All opponents of the dictator Putin, such as Ilya Yashin, Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky, Alexei Navalny were sentenced to several years of imprisonment in the brutal prisons of Russia.

164th day of war: Russia boasts about its "friends" - how strange. North Korea, Uganda, Syria, Turkey and other rogue states.

163rd day of war: Even by the lowest possible ethical and moral standards of the Russians, it is abominable and cruel that they are now using starvation as a weapon. The Russians prevent the export of wheat from Ukraine to the Third World. There, they threaten even worse famines than before.

162nd day of war: "Ivan the Terrible" has found a descendant: "Putin the Terrible". Together with Liar Lavrov, the two are responsible and guilty for the worst war crimes since World War II. President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, friend of Putin and Russia, again warns the conflicting parties against nuclear war.

161st day of war: Putin and Lavrvov use the worst truth-distorting propaganda. All Russians who don't want to believe this and fight back immediately go to jail or worse. All free media, TV stations, Facebook and Google were banned. All websites spreading the truth about the brutal Russian war against Ukraine are banned.

160th day of war: Russia tries to ban Wikipedia (Wikimedia), because Russia wants to prevent the spreading of the truth about the massacre of Butcha, Russian invasion of Ukraine and other articles about war crimes. Russia is trying to cover up and conceal its war crimes by all means.

159th day of war: Russia is blacklisted for human trafficking. Russia recruits child soldiers and has trafficked tens of thousands of children from Ukraine to Russia. No one knows where they are and the Red Cross has no access to them.

158th day of war: Dmitry Medvedev, deputy head of the Russian Security Council, threatens to wipe out Ukraine. Ukraine is to disappear from the world map. Medvedev who seemed relatively normal and moderate as Russian president has now completely lost all decency and face. Along with Putin the Terrible, he has now become the face of evil in Russia.

BREAKING NEWS - Russia agrees with the UN and Turkey that the Ukrainians can export the grain from Odessa that is urgently needed in the third world! The next day the lying and cruel Russia bombs exactly this port in Odessa. After that the cowardly Russia denies this attack. When the evidence of the world public becomes overwhelming, Russia has to admit the attack. Russia can never and nowhere be trusted - but the world knew that before. Russia was a bit on the way to democracy until Putin ruined everything and mutated into an oppressive dictator, ruler and war criminal.

157th day of war: ultra-evil Russia bombs dozens of cities every night, hitting civilian targets indiscriminately. Again, many children, women and men are killed. Russia is getting worse by the day, although this is hardly possible anymore. The war criminal Medvedev threatens almost every day with atomic bombs and the destruction of Europe. In Russia everyone seems to have gone mad and abysmally evil! And still the Russians are surprised that nobody likes them anymore and nobody will ever trust them again.

156th day of war: Russia continues to use the criminal "Wagner Group". An extremely brutal mercenary force that knows no ethics and standards but simply enjoys killing. Russia takes pleasure in this.
In Irwin and Butscha, after the withdrawal of the Russians, one sees the horror balance: hundreds of murdered civilians, children and women.

155th day of war: All companies that know high ethical standards have left Russia and broken off relations with Russia. These companies no longer trade with Russia and no longer sell their products to Russia. A few companies are unfortunately still selling Russia with untrustworthy justifications. They are often threatened with boycotts.

154th day of war: nefarious Russia brags about all the theft of grain in Ukraine. And sells it to unscrupulous grain traders in rogue states. Putin is one of the biggest rogues since World War II and the democratic and free world has lost all trust in Russia and the Russians!

153rd day of war: While the Western stands for innovation and inventiveness, Russia can only destruction and annihilation. There is no product that the world needs from Russia except oil, gas and gold. The only thing Russia can do is invent weapons with which to destroy the world. Whatever Russia produces serves only to maintain its own power and to threaten the West.

152nd day of war: The terrorist state of Russia has bombed the center of Vinnytsia. Many civilians died. Since the beginning of the war, barbaric Russia has launched 17,600 missile attacks against Ukraine. Of these, 17,300 have hit civilian targets and only 300 military targets. Russia is the biggest war criminal since World War II!

151st day of war: The chief prosecutor of the World Criminal Court, Karim Khan, has called on the international community to press for the prosecution of war crimes committed by the Russians in Ukraine. There are already over 15,000 cases of war crimes committed by the Russians under investigation.

150th day of war: Because Putin cannot bring the country to its knees militarily, he now wants to starve the population with targeted attacks on the Ukrainian grain harvest. For this purpose, the criminal Russians now use incendiary munitions.

149th day of war: The following rogue states are renegotiating with Russia for cheap oil and gas: Brazil, India, Sri Lanka and Laos. On the side of the war criminal Russia are also Belarus, China, Iran, Syria, Hungary, Serbia and North Korea.

148th day of war: Putin signed a new law that totally suppresses oppositionists, journalists and human rights activists. They can be immediately imprisoned for 7 years without further proof.

147th day of war: Defense Minister Shoigu gives the order to expand Russian attacks on Ukraine. 14 million Ukrainians are on the run from the cruel and vicious Russians. Every day there are more war crimes and terrorist attacks by the Russians.

146th day of war: Ukrainian Justice Minister Denys Maljuska is convinced that Kremlin despot Vladimir Putin and his Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will be jailed for the war of aggression against his country. The only question is when. But hopefully sooner rather than later!

145th day of war: Putin wants to be addressed from now on as ruler and no longer as president. Another insane fit of megalomania. Once again Russia threatens with its nuclear weapons and blames the Western countries. Once again Russia forgets that they attacked Ukraine for no reason.

144th day of war: Rogue state Iran will supply Russian war criminals with weapons for their war of aggression against Ukraine. The free West supplies Ukraine with weapons for its defense.

143rd day of war: Russian President Vladimir Putin not only wages war against Ukraine, but also steals from the country. From the occupied territories in the east and south, Russia steals tons of grain and ships it illegally. Russian soldiers steal everything they can from Ukrainians' houses.

142nd day of the war: The Russians begin to burn down the Ukrainian wheat fields with banned cluster bombs. This dramatically worsens the famine in the third world.
The Russians now also resume bombing residential areas in Kharkiv. The suffering of the population is very bad. Mainly children, women and old people die. The men are gone and have to fight against Russia.

141st day of war: Germany is the biggest financial supporter of Russia's war in Ukraine. Every month it pays billions of euros to Russia for gas. Moreover, despite announcements to the contrary, Germany is not supplying enough heavy weapons to Ukraine.

140th day of war: Russia has become an evil dictatorship under Putin. And Putin can only distract from this by starting wars. He thinks that way he can keep the Russians together. Hopefully he is wrong and his people are not so stupid. But since Putin and the Kremlin are suppressing everyone and the free press no longer exists, we don't know what the Russians really think. Thinking is dangerous in Russia today!

139th day of war: Russia has invaded Ukraine, launching attacks not only from inside Ukraine but also from Russia, Belarus, Crimea and the Black Sea, killing tens of thousands of children, women and men.
Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin has threatened far-reaching consequences for the West if sanctions against his country are expanded. These sanctions have been introduced only because of Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine.

138th day of war: Putin reiterates that the Russians have a huge potential of military and weapons and so far have used only a very small part against Ukraine. The war is really beginning now. The Russians are world champions in lying and committing war crimes. They use killing children and raping women as weapons.

137th day of war: The President of the Duma threatens the USA: "Alaska used to be Russian too". Russia has recently stressed that they want to conquer their former territories with more wars if necessary. Likewise, the Kremlin threatens the EU and Lithuania with harsh measures over Kaliningrad.

136th day of war: Clear announcement by Lie Minister Lavrov after the G20 meeting of foreign ministers in Bali (Indonesia): "We have nothing to discuss with the West".
From this point of view, Putin doesn't need to go to the G20 meeting of presidents either. It makes absolutely no sense to talk with the dictator and war criminal Putin. It leads to nothing. The Russians don't want to negotiate with the West for a second, although they have emphasized this again and again.

135th day of war: The world wonders what Putin plans for Ukraine. Tens of thousands dead, cities and infrastructure destroyed, rape and torture. For more than four months, Russia's brutal war of aggression has raged in Ukraine. What will Putin attack and destroy next? The free world stands united behind Ukraine and condemns Russia.
Russian Foreign Minister, war criminal Lavrov, left the G20 meeting in Bali (Indonesia) right after his speech. He did not want to hear the response of the other foreign ministers. So cowardly!

134th war day: The former president of Russia Medvedev reminds the world once again about the Russian nuclear weapons. If Russia's war crimes were punished, it could mean that Russia would wipe out all of humanity. The world would be much better off without Russia!

133rd day of war: Russians are working hard to become the most unpopular nation in this world. They start senseless wars, murder civilians in Ukraine and threaten the rest of the world. They steal the grain and watch as poor countries are plagued by famine. Putin always sees himself in the right and everyone else is to blame! Shame on Russia!

132nd day of the war: Today, unfortunately, the Russians also shelled a busy market in the middle of Slowyansk. There are many dead and injured civilians.

131st day of war: Russians are incredibly cynical: Kremlin accuses the West of warmongering. Russia says that. The Russia that insidiously invaded Ukraine and has been waging a brutal war against innocent children, women and men for over four months, killing them mercilessly!
Recently, Belarus now also begins to threaten Ukraine and the West! Until now, Belarus has made its territory available to the Russians, so that the Russians could launch their missiles from there against Ukraine.

130th day of war: Dictator Putin abolished the last political freedoms: 3000 opposition websites were blocked, 200 media outlets were blocked and the opposition was completely muzzled or imprisoned without trial. Putin and the Kremlin manipulate all news and the tens of thousands of war victims are concealed from their own population. Russia is brutal, dangerous and mendacious. Dissident Alexey Navalny has been held for months in the worst prison in Russia near Vladimir for no reason and is psychologically tortured daily. Shame on Russia!

129th day of war: Putin and his barbaric Russians are again bombing civilian targets all over Ukraine. They continue to try to hit the civilian population across the board with their bombs. Hospitals, shopping malls and amusement parks are the primary targets. Russia always denies this immediately, although the cowardly Russians know exactly what they are doing.

128th war day: That Putin calls NATO imperialistic is "ridiculous", says Chancellor Scholz. NATO is a purely defensive alliance. Instead, it is Russia itself that is acting imperialistically. After all, Russia invaded Ukraine for no reason. NATO has not invaded anything at all.

127th day of war: Hundreds of civilians killed by the Russians are still found in Mariupol. Children, women and men were killed indiscriminately by the Russians and buried afterwards or thrown into mass graves.
Turkey, respectively the autocratic president Erdogan, gives up the resistance against the admission of Sweden and Finland into NATO. Thus the blackmail of NATO by Erdogan comes to an end. Putin has not achieved his goal of splitting NATO and is further isolated worldwide.

126th day of war: Russia is increasingly sidelining itself worldwide by its brutal attack on Ukraine. The Western world supports the brave Ukrainian people against barbaric Russia. Russia threatens Germany and England with annihilation.
Oligarch Deripaska speaks publicly in Moscow of a "war" that is a "colossal mistake." He also contradicts Kremlin leader Putin: the sanctions are "naturally more painful" for Russia than for the West. The word "war" was banned by Putin. Rarely do you hear such clear words from the Russian elite and criticism of Putin's war in Russia.

125th War Day: We would like to write something good about the Russians for once. But what? The Russian troops behave in Ukraine like the terrorist militia "IS" the Islamic State behaves. Highly criminal, sick, inhuman and despicable! The Russians endanger the peace on the whole world with their wars! They don't seem to care about that at all.

124th day of war: Andrey Gurulyov, a close confidant of war criminal Vladimir Putin and deputy in the Duma said yesterday: If it comes to the third world war (which the Russians started!), the first thing Russia would do is bomb London. Unfortunately, nothing new, but the Russians are really disgustingly evil and deceitful.
Unfortunately, today the Russians committed another brutal missile attack on a crowded shopping center in the city of Kremenchuk. There were again very many dead and injured. All innocent people who are at the mercy of the vicious despotism of the Russians and Putin.

123rd day of war: Russian war criminals, President Putin, former President Medvedev and Foreign Minister Lavrov mock the free world and are sure that the rogue state Russia will be successful with its wars. Russia has started four months ago in Europe the biggest war since the Second World War without any reason and viciously!
The vile Russians again launched disgusting attacks on Kiev today during the G7 meeting of the free world.

122nd day of war: barbaric Russia takes the whole world hostage. About 350 million people are threatened by food shortages in the third world. Russia successfully blocks grain export from Ukraine and is complicit in this debacle. The Russians have lost all morals and decency. Russia is doing everything to lead the world step by step to a Third World War, started for no reason by the Russians and a power-obsessed Putin!

121st day of war: In recent weeks, Russian forces have simply destroyed every defensive position the Ukrainians have taken, squeezing them into a few square blocks in and around the city's Azot chemical plant. In these last four months, the vile Russians have tried to destroy as much as possible in Ukraine, murder as many people as possible, and then they whine that the West doesn't like the Russians.

120th day of war: Russia's international reputation has fallen to a new low. From an already poor 30 percent last year, Russia's standing this year has now fallen to 16 percent. The danger of a world war started by Russia has never been so high since the Second World War.
One really does not understand the whining of Putin and Lavrov! After all, Russia has started this completely senseless war and brutally invaded a completely peaceful country! How could such a great country become such a terrible zombie?

119th day of war: The free world must urgently find a solution for the grain blocked by Russia. One of the biggest famines in the third world in decades is looming if Russia continues to blockade the ports. Rogue states like China and Russia will exploit this mercilessly.

118th day of war: Turkish President Erdogan blackmails the whole NATO and does not want to let Finland and Sweden - two of the most peaceful countries and democracies in the world - into NATO because, in his opinion, they support terrorist organizations. This is said by a dictator, of all people, who tramples democracy and human rights underfoot.

117th day of war: Russian TV chief propagandist threatens the world with a world war. He says the world is seconds away from a third world war. Of course, the Russians always blame the West for everything that the Russians themselves do and plan!

116th day of war: The war criminal and president of Russia compares himself more and more with the emperor Peter the Great and promises the Russians that he will take back former Russian territory. This is what Peter the Great did with incredibly brutal wars at the beginning of the 18th century.

115th day of war: The Russians commit every imaginable mess! They bomb a completely innocent country. They kill children and women. They steal everything possible. They let starve the people in the third world, because they do not let export the grain of the Ukraine. They use all weapons forbidden by the Geneva Convention and blatantly threaten the West, especially the Baltic countries with war. The Russians have truly become evil personified.

114th day of war: Putin still wants to destroy Ukraine. There is no justification for his neo-imperialist attack. He and his Russians are war criminals in thousands. Many children and women were deported to Russia and their whereabouts are unknown. Russia does not allow access even to the international Red Cross.
The two presidents of the rogue states, China and Russia, have had long telephone conversations and have decided on even better and closer cooperation.
Most of the respectable companies in the West have completely stopped cooperating with Russia. Only a few unscrupulous companies continue to work in Russia with unbelievable explanations.

113th day of war: BREAKING NEWS: Today, Chancellor Scholz from Germany, President Macron from France and Prime Minister Draghi from Italy arrived in Kiev for talks with Ukrainian President Selenskyj. The very long-awaited visit of Chancellor Scholz from Germany has thus become a reality. The Western world is eagerly waiting to see what the visit will bring to Ukraine.

112th day of war: Indeed, after more than 100 days, the weak German chancellor Scholz is comfortable to consider a visit to Kiev. Scholz was offended because the German president and then very Russia-friendly Foreign Minister Steinmeier was not welcome.

111th day of war: Since the Russians commit thousands of war crimes, they now logically do not want to adhere to human rights and no longer recognize the courts for human rights. Putin has signed a decree to this effect. Back to barbarism!

110th day of war: Putin and his vicious Russians try to change the world order with a famine plague. For this purpose they destroy large warehouses with wheat and corn in Ukraine. With a sea blockade they also prevent the export of the grain. The poor countries in Africa and Asia will have to pay the price.

109th day of war: Scholz seems to be the new Chamberlain. With his false appeasement policy, he will go down in history as one of Germany's weakest chancellors. He ducks, squirms and during important votes he simply goes abroad. He prevents Ukraine from getting the much needed heavy weapons to defend itself against aggressive Russia.
Russia celebrates its national day. Putin warns the West against expansion into the East. But it is only Russia that wants to expand its country illegally to the West.

108th day of war: Obama calls for long-lasting support for Ukraine. He said that one was witnessing a war reminiscent of Europe's darkest history, but also a heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people against the Russian aggressors. Obama reminds that unfortunately in many countries there are dictators and autocrats who try to oppress their peoples and enrich themselves.

107th day of war: Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin has now gone completely mad and compares himself to Peter the Great. He justifies his war with a tsar who lived 300 years ago. He says he wants to reclaim old Russian territory. Imagine if Mongolia or the Romans wanted that too!

106th day of war: the barbaric and cowardly Russians do not comply with the Geneva Convention. Neither in the cruel warfare and destruction of Ukraine, nor in the treatment of prisoners of war. Russia commits thousands of war crimes every day and has completely left the world community. Russia has really become the evil in this world!

105th day of war: Putin and Medvedev and all the other scoundrels and oligarchs who have enriched themselves at the expense of the Russian state are the real war criminals and will one day have to answer to the international war crimes tribunal. Their unjustified attack on Ukraine and all the massacres they have ordered or approved of will be punished.

104th day of war: The rogue state Serbia refuses all sanctions against Russia and expects to join the EU. What a big mistake and wrong decision of the Serbs! And Turkey offers a warm welcome to all Russians, their money and their war criminals. Communist China is on the side of the Russians anyway. Hungary is also still very friendly to Russia. The dictators of this world are united and their people count for nothing. The Western free and democratic world supports democratic Ukraine!

103rd day of war: Russian President Putin, who is isolated worldwide and has only a few friends left in rogue states like China, Serbia, Hungary and Turkey, is frustrated. He threatens Ukraine with complete annihilation if weapons are supplied to it.
In addition, the Russians have fired missiles at grain trains in Kiev to increase the famine in Africa.

102nd day of war: Today the Russians have started bombing the capital Kiev in Ukraine again. The democratic and free countries of the world will do everything to ensure that dictatorial Russia does not win this war.

101st day of war: Turkey, friend of the Russians and a country ruled by a despot, now buys from the Russians the grain stolen in Ukraine. Interpol has been called in and is investigating. Moreover, Turkey welcomes the Russian war criminals and oligarchs with open arms. The Russians can buy real estate in Turkey and hide their yachts in Turkey's ports.

100th day of war: RUSSIA has become the evil in the world! Russia has been waging a brutal war against Ukraine for 100 days now without any reason and the Russians are killing children, women and men. They rape, loot and kill. Shame on Russia! Hopefully Russia will have to pay a very high price for these atrocities and the attempt to exterminate the Ukrainian population.

99th day of war: Russia continues to kill children, women and men in Ukraine for no reason. The EU, the USA, NATO, G7 and the UN condemn the barbaric war of the Russians. Only a few rogue states such as China, North Korea and Turkey stand by the Russians. Flights to Russia are only possible via rogue cities: Istanbul, Belgrade, Dubai and Doha!

98th day of the war: The Russians are damn sneaky and especially cruel! First they tell something about refugee corridors and then they bombard the refugee buses with artillery.

97th day of war: Russians continue to steal grain in Ukraine and blackmail the world with famine! Russia has lost all ethics, morals and decency. Russia has long ceased to be a member of the world community and has no future. It is time for Putin to be overthrown.

96th day of war: senseless killing of men, women and children in Ukraine continues. Much suffering for the Ukrainians, but also for the families of the tens of thousands of fallen Russian warriors. But the insane Putin and his Kremlin entourage obviously do not care.

95th day of war: Russia shows the world its true face: a state of terror led by the psychopath and war criminal Putin. And the Russians cheer him and the Russian Catholic Church stands by him and welcomes the war.

94th day of war: The Russian president is now blackmailing the whole world with the wheat stolen in Ukraine and the blocked seaports from which Ukrainian wheat can no longer be exported. The questions really arise, how long it must take until this war criminal is eliminated!

93rd day of war: The barbaric Russians bomb many cities in the south and east of Ukraine and continue to kill thousands of civilians. The Turkish dictator and Putin friend Erdogan is the only NATO country blocking the admission of Sweden and Finland and trying to blackmail the Western world.

92nd day of war: The EU Commission proposes to no longer just freeze Russian oligarch funds but to confiscate them and invest them for the reconstruction of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the barbaric Russians continue to bomb entire cities.

91st day of war: It is a shame to see how Hungary, Turkey and South Africa are ruled by despots who rather stick to Russia than to Ukraine! And the German Chancellor Scholz is a procrastinator and prefers to travel to Japan or Africa instead of governing and taking responsibility in Europe. Russia continues to destroy many parts of Ukraine and continues to kill civilians.

90th day of war: exactly three months ago the Russians invaded Ukraine without any reason. Since then, the Russians have been waging a brutal war against Ukraine and bestially killing its inhabitants. Today, President Lukashenko of Belarus is also warning of a third world war. Russia and Belarus are indeed a great danger for world peace!

89th day of war: Boris Bondarev was a Russian diplomat for 20 years. He resigned today and says in his farewell letter: "I have never been so ashamed of my country". He says the war of Russia is not only a crime against Ukrainians, but also against Russians.

88th day of the war: The Russians have completely bombed the once rich industrial city of Mariupol. The groundwater is poisoned by the many mass graves with civilian victims killed by the Russians. The Russians now want to turn Mariupol into a seaside resort. Simply sick!

87th day of the war: The Russians are shelling many Ukrainian cities senselessly and indiscriminately. In addition, many extremists, right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis have joined the Russian army.

86th day of war: Russian logic is perverse. First the Russians conquer the Ukrainian nuclear power plant with war and now want money from Ukraine for the electricity. Then they steal the wheat harvest from Ukraine and block Ukrainian ports and blame the world for the famines! Crass!

85th day of war: The International Criminal Court sends a team of 42 experts to Ukraine to investigate war crimes and atrocities committed by the Russians.
Russian POWs report that their commanders single-handedly shot their wounded comrades who could no longer walk. What barbarians the Russians are!

84th day of war: Rich Russians now invest their money in Turkey to avoid the sanctions against them. From one rogue state to another rogue state. Many Russians are also buying real estate in corrupt Turkey, where Russians are very welcome.

83rd day of war: The completely isolated and ridiculous president of Turkey wants to prevent Sweden and Finland from joining NATO. Erdogan must be under incredible pressure from Putin. Such an embarrassing figure. Erdogan blackmails the whole NATO!

82nd day of war: Mad Putin and his sick Kremlin buddies threaten the world more and more with insane retaliations. They completely forget that Russia started the war against Ukraine without any reason and denies the existence of Ukraine.

81st day of war: Due to the war of aggression of the Russians in Ukraine, Sweden and Finland want to join NATO, so that they will not be attacked by the Russians as well. Russia is now threatening the two sovereign states with revenge. Putin is out of control! The Russians can only hope for a coup d'état.

80th day of the war: the Russians not only brutally kill the Ukrainian defenders of Mariupol, but also search for their families and cowardly kill them. The Russians are really barbarians. Now then the first war crimes tribunals against the Russians begin.

79th day of war: Russian General Zhuravlyov, who has already committed the worst war crimes in Aleppo, is now in charge of the Russians' war of aggression against Ukraine and has authorized the banned cluster bombs.

78th day of war: Former Russian President Medvedev again threatens NATO and nuclear war. It is obvious that Russia is biting on granite with the war of aggression against Ukraine.

77th day of war: The war criminal Putin and his barbaric Russian army use cluster bombs in Ukraine. These cluster munitions are designed to severely wound or kill a particularly large number of civilians. Mutilated children and adults are unfortunately the terrible result.

76th day of war: The war criminal Putin has hotels and shopping centers in Odessa bombed. More people, men, women and children are horribly murdered by the Russians.

75th war day: Unfortunately, nothing new on the day of peace and commemoration of the end of World War II: The Russians continue to bomb Ukraine and Putin says crazy stuff in his speech.

74th War Day: Putin and the Russians, have taught us that peace is not guaranteed and taken for granted. At any time, a villain and scoundrel can start a war and plunge the world into chaos. Russia currently shows us the horror and evil in this world!

73rd day of war: Russians in Ukraine continue to rape women and children - all with the approval of Putin and his henchmen. The world is eagerly waiting to see what new crimes Putin will announce on May 9, 2022.

72nd day of war: There is evidence that the Russians have stolen over 700,000 tons of grain in Ukraine! Moreover, the Russians also steal tractors and other equipment without shame. The Russians also loot whole houses and steal everything possible.

71st day of war: The world unfortunately learns about more and more mistreatment and torture of Ukrainians by the Russians. The Russians show daily what barbaric atrocities they are capable of.

70th day of the war: Russians indiscriminately bomb many cities of Ukraine. The main targets are housing estates, railroad stations and infrastructure.
Kremlin denies plans for general mobilization.

Day 69 of the war: The Russians indiscriminately shell civilian targets in Ukraine. They continue to kill women and children in the most brutal way.

68th day of war: Putin and his Russia are sinking morally lower and lower every day. Now they have violently shelled a refugee trek in Mariupol and tried to murder the refugees as well.

67th day of war: Putin has now gone completely mad: Russian presenter Dmitry Kiselyov shocks on Russian state television. He shows how the underwater drone Poseidon could trigger a tsunami that destroys the United Kingdom.

66th war day: Even for the inhuman Putin and his Russians a new low: They prepare teddy bears with explosives to mutilate and kill children!

65th day of war: Russia's bloody war in Ukraine has been raging for more than two months - Putin has residential buildings bombed, has civilians raped, tortured and killed. There is no end to the atrocities and war crimes - more of them every day.

64th day of war: Russia has announced that it also has plans to attack NATO states. Nato makes it very clear: we will defend every inch against attacks from Russia!

63rd day of war: Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov threatens a third world war and threatens to bomb Kiev and London. He also wants to kill foreign diplomats and government leaders who travel to Kiev. Russia has also ordered a gas freeze for Poland and Bulgaria.

62nd day of the war: Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov stirs up fears of a Third World War. The danger is serious. The history books will say that Russia started it for no reason!

61st War Day: Instead of praying for peace, Putin's Patriarch Kirill promotes Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine. The 75-year-old justifies the killing of thousands of Ukrainians and the destruction of numerous cities as a fight of good against evil from the West. The Russian Orthodox Church is apparently controlled by the devil himself.

60th day of war: Russian army bombs hospital in Bashtanka. The hospital in Bashtanka lies in ruins. It was hit by a rocket on Tuesday, even though it was clearly marked as a hospital. Nothing is sacred to Russians!
Disgusting! While war criminal Putin celebrates Easter, his troops continue to murder in Ukraine.

Day 59 of the war: The north-east Ukrainian city of Kharkiv lies in ruins. Brutal Russian attacks have been rolling in for weeks, and people are seeking protection in almost every subway station. But many cannot escape the attacks, are killed or seriously injured. The survivors struggle desperately for hope. But the Russians keep killing.

58th day of war: Russian atrocities do not end. In Manhush near Mariupol a mass grave with up to 9000 dead has been discovered.

57th day of war: Putin and his Russians barbarically and deliberately destroy the civilian population in Ukraine. They even mine the cemeteries. Shame on Russia! Russia commits genocide and war crimes on a grand scale! Many mass graves discovered in Ukraine.

56th day of war: thousands of people die every day in Ukraine. Responsible for this is Russian President Putin, a war criminal who continues to intensify his brutal war of aggression in the east of the country.

55th day of war: we will NEVER forget the barbarity of the Russians in Ukraine. The renewed inhuman large-scale attack on Ukraine is terrible.

Putin's bloody war in Ukraine has been raging for more than three months - it has changed not only the invaded country, but the entire world.
Please be in solidarity with Ukraine, which is under attack by the Russians, and do not think of visiting Russia or buying Russian products in the next decades.
There are probably few countries that are as mendacious as Russia! Constant wild allegations and accusations against the West - of course always without any proof! Russia is really a rogue nation!
The atrocities committed by the Russians in Ukraine against women and children are indescribably terrible. Generations of people will hate the Russians forever for their bestial acts.

Please help to stop Putin and the other Russian war criminals! Horrific war crimes are being committed by Russians against Ukrainians - as before in Aleppo in Syria and other places!
The atrocities committed by the Russians in Ukraine are beyond description. Europe hasn't had to see anything like this since World War II! And don't forget, Russians still have friends and supporters: Belarus, China, Hungary, India, Serbia, Syria, Turkey and other rogue nations.
The following companies and individuals have already agreed to #BoycottRussia.
Zelenskyj: Russia is boundless evil and is trying to kill the entire population of Ukraine! (April 2022)
The Russian attacks on Ukraine show that the Russians are despicable barbarians and cowardly fighters! They kill innocent children and indiscriminately rape women.
Many Russians in the Russian army in Ukraine are war criminals, mass murderers, child molesters and rapists.
Russia under Putin is pure evil! Russia shows its true and ugly face in Ukraine.
The brutal battle of the barbarians unfortunately continues unabated before Easter 2022! Putin's soldiers in Ukraine: They kill, torture - and rape. The Russian army is committing the most brutal massacres in Ukraine! And they cowardly deny everything. Also at Easter 2022, the Russians under Putin are becoming more and more barbaric and brutal.
Easter Sunday 2022. A day of peace. Not for the Russians - they continue to brutally attack Ukraine and want to annihilate the country! And they continue to threaten with nuclear weapons.
Russia threatened Mariupol in Ukraine on Easter Sunday and started annihilation and murder of all residents.

Do NOT travel to Russia due to the unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine by Russian military forces, the potential for harassment against U.S. and European citizens by Russian government security officials is very high! Do NOT trust Russia! It is just too dangerous!

Do not support this brutal Russian war of aggression by entering Russia or by buying Russian products! Also boycott products from companies that still supply Russia (p.e. #boycottrittersport, BASF, Bayer, Henkel, Siemens, Siemens Energy, Nestlé and 200 others)! Over 1,000 Companies Have Curtailed Operations in Russia — But Some Remain – See the full list here

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