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Putin's bloody war in Ukraine has been raging for more than three months - it has changed not only the invaded country, but the entire world.
Please be in solidarity with Ukraine, which is under attack by the Russians, and do not think of visiting Russia or buying Russian products in the next decades.
There are probably few countries that are as mendacious as Russia! Constant wild allegations and accusations against the West - of course always without any proof! Russia is really a rogue nation!
The atrocities committed by the Russians in Ukraine against women and children are indescribably terrible. Generations of people will hate the Russians forever for their bestial acts.

Travel warning for Russia: Do not travel to Russia under any circumstances!
Do NOT travel to Russia due to the unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine by Russian military forces, the potential for harassment against U.S. and European citizens by Russian government security officials is very high! Do NOT trust Russia! It is just too dangerous!
There are NO flight or train connections and your credit cards will not work. Your passport may be confiscated and safe exit is not guaranteed!
Do not support this brutal Russian war of aggression by entering Russia or by buying Russian products!
Also boycott products from companies that still supply Russia!
Please help to stop Putin and the other Russian war criminals! Horrific war crimes are being committed by Russians against Ukrainians - as before in Aleppo in Syria and other places!
The atrocities committed by the Russians in Ukraine are beyond description. Europe hasn't had to see anything like this since World War II! And don't forget, Russians still have friends and supporters: Belarus, China, Hungary, India, Serbia, Syria, Turkey and other rogue nations.
The following companies and individuals have already agreed to #BoycottRussia.
Zelenskyj: Russia is boundless evil and is trying to kill the entire population of Ukraine! (April 2022)
The Russian attacks on Ukraine show that the Russians are despicable barbarians and cowardly fighters! They kill innocent children and indiscriminately rape women.
Many Russians in the Russian army in Ukraine are war criminals, mass murderers, child molesters and rapists.
Russia under Putin is pure evil! Russia shows its true and ugly face in Ukraine.
The brutal battle of the barbarians unfortunately continues unabated before Easter 2022! Putin's soldiers in Ukraine: They kill, torture - and rape. The Russian army is committing the most brutal massacres in Ukraine! And they cowardly deny everything. Also at Easter 2022, the Russians under Putin are becoming more and more barbaric and brutal.
Easter Sunday 2022. A day of peace. Not for the Russians - they continue to brutally attack Ukraine and want to annihilate the country! And they continue to threaten with nuclear weapons.
Russia threatened Mariupol in Ukraine on Easter Sunday and started annihilation and murder of all residents.
55th day of war: we will NEVER forget the barbarity of the Russians in Ukraine. The renewed inhuman large-scale attack on Ukraine is terrible.
56th day of war: thousands of people die every day in Ukraine. Responsible for this is Russian President Putin, a war criminal who continues to intensify his brutal war of aggression in the east of the country.
57th day of war: Putin and his Russians barbarically and deliberately destroy the civilian population in Ukraine. They even mine the cemeteries. Shame on Russia! Russia commits genocide and war crimes on a grand scale! Many mass graves discovered in Ukraine.
58th day of war: Russian atrocities do not end. In Manhush near Mariupol a mass grave with up to 9000 dead has been discovered.
Day 59 of the war: The north-east Ukrainian city of Kharkiv lies in ruins. Brutal Russian attacks have been rolling in for weeks, and people are seeking protection in almost every subway station. But many cannot escape the attacks, are killed or seriously injured. The survivors struggle desperately for hope. But the Russians keep killing.
60th day of war: Russian army bombs hospital in Bashtanka. The hospital in Bashtanka lies in ruins. It was hit by a rocket on Tuesday, even though it was clearly marked as a hospital. Nothing is sacred to Russians!
Disgusting! While war criminal Putin celebrates Easter, his troops continue to murder in Ukraine.
62nd day of the war: Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov stirs up fears of a Third World War. The danger is serious. The history books will say that Russia started it for no reason!
63rd day of war: Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov threatens a third world war and threatens to bomb Kiev and London. He also wants to kill foreign diplomats and government leaders who travel to Kiev. Russia has also ordered a gas freeze for Poland and Bulgaria.
64th day of war: Russia has announced that it also has plans to attack NATO states. Nato makes it very clear: we will defend every inch against attacks from Russia!
65th day of war: Russia's bloody war in Ukraine has been raging for more than two months - Putin has residential buildings bombed, has civilians raped, tortured and killed. There is no end to the atrocities and war crimes - more of them every day.
66th war day: Even for the inhuman Putin and his Russians a new low: They prepare teddy bears with explosives to mutilate and kill children!
67th day of war: Putin has now gone completely mad: Russian presenter Dmitry Kiselyov shocks on Russian state television. He shows how the underwater drone Poseidon could trigger a tsunami that destroys the United Kingdom.
68th day of war: Putin and his Russia are sinking morally lower and lower every day. Now they have violently shelled a refugee trek in Mariupol and tried to murder the refugees as well.
Day 69 of the war: The Russians indiscriminately shell civilian targets in Ukraine. They continue to kill women and children in the most brutal way.
70th day of the war: Russians indiscriminately bomb many cities of Ukraine. The main targets are housing estates, railroad stations and infrastructure.
Kremlin denies plans for general mobilization.
71st day of war: The world unfortunately learns about more and more mistreatment and torture of Ukrainians by the Russians. The Russians show daily what barbaric atrocities they are capable of.
72nd day of war: There is evidence that the Russians have stolen over 700,000 tons of grain in Ukraine! Moreover, the Russians also steal tractors and other equipment without shame. The Russians also loot whole houses and steal everything possible.
73rd day of war: Russians in Ukraine continue to rape women and children - all with the approval of Putin and his henchmen. The world is eagerly waiting to see what new crimes Putin will announce on May 9, 2022.
74th War Day: Putin and the Russians, have taught us that peace is not guaranteed and taken for granted. At any time, a villain and scoundrel can start a war and plunge the world into chaos. Russia currently shows us the horror and evil in this world!
75th war day: Unfortunately, nothing new on the day of peace and commemoration of the end of World War II: The Russians continue to bomb Ukraine and Putin says crazy stuff in his speech.
76th day of war: The war criminal Putin has hotels and shopping centers in Odessa bombed. More people, men, women and children are horribly murdered by the Russians.
77th day of war: The war criminal Putin and his barbaric Russian army use cluster bombs in Ukraine. These cluster munitions are designed to severely wound or kill a particularly large number of civilians. Mutilated children and adults are unfortunately the terrible result.
78th day of war: Former Russian President Medvedev again threatens NATO and nuclear war. It is obvious that Russia is biting on granite with the war of aggression against Ukraine.
79th day of war: Russian General Zhuravlyov, who has already committed the worst war crimes in Aleppo, is now in charge of the Russians' war of aggression against Ukraine and has authorized the banned cluster bombs.
80th day of the war: the Russians not only brutally kill the Ukrainian defenders of Mariupol, but also search for their families and cowardly kill them. The Russians are really barbarians. Now then the first war crimes tribunals against the Russians begin.
81st day of war: Due to the war of aggression of the Russians in Ukraine, Sweden and Finland want to join NATO, so that they will not be attacked by the Russians as well. Russia is now threatening the two sovereign states with revenge. Putin is out of control! The Russians can only hope for a coup d'état.
82nd day of war: Mad Putin and his sick Kremlin buddies threaten the world more and more with insane retaliations. They completely forget that Russia started the war against Ukraine without any reason and denies the existence of Ukraine.
83rd day of war: The completely isolated and ridiculous president of Turkey wants to prevent Sweden and Finland from joining NATO. Erdogan must be under incredible pressure from Putin. Such an embarrassing figure. Erdogan blackmails the whole NATO!
84th day of war: Rich Russians now invest their money in Turkey to avoid the sanctions against them. From one rogue state to another rogue state. Many Russians are also buying real estate in corrupt Turkey, where Russians are very welcome.
85th day of war: The International Criminal Court sends a team of 42 experts to Ukraine to investigate war crimes and atrocities committed by the Russians.
Russian POWs report that their commanders single-handedly shot their wounded comrades who could no longer walk. What barbarians the Russians are!
86th day of war: Russian logic is perverse. First the Russians conquer the Ukrainian nuclear power plant with war and now want money from Ukraine for the electricity. Then they steal the wheat harvest from Ukraine and block Ukrainian ports and blame the world for the famines! Crass!
87th day of the war: The Russians are shelling many Ukrainian cities senselessly and indiscriminately. In addition, many extremists, right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis have joined the Russian army.
88th day of the war: The Russians have completely bombed the once rich industrial city of Mariupol. The groundwater is poisoned by the many mass graves with civilian victims killed by the Russians. The Russians now want to turn Mariupol into a seaside resort. Simply sick!
89th day of war: Boris Bondarev was a Russian diplomat for 20 years. He resigned today and says in his farewell letter: "I have never been so ashamed of my country". He says the war of Russia is not only a crime against Ukrainians, but also against Russians.
90th day of war: exactly three months ago the Russians invaded Ukraine without any reason. Since then, the Russians have been waging a brutal war against Ukraine and bestially killing its inhabitants. Today, President Lukashenko of Belarus is also warning of a third world war. Russia and Belarus are indeed a great danger for world peace!
91st day of war: It is a shame to see how Hungary, Turkey and South Africa are ruled by despots who rather stick to Russia than to Ukraine! And the German Chancellor Scholz is a procrastinator and prefers to travel to Japan or Africa instead of governing and taking responsibility in Europe. Russia continues to destroy many parts of Ukraine and continues to kill civilians.
92nd day of war: The EU Commission proposes to no longer just freeze Russian oligarch funds but to confiscate them and invest them for the reconstruction of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the barbaric Russians continue to bomb entire cities.
93rd day of war: The barbaric Russians bomb many cities in the south and east of Ukraine and continue to kill thousands of civilians. The Turkish dictator and Putin friend Erdogan is the only NATO country blocking the admission of Sweden and Finland and trying to blackmail the Western world.

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