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Eurocentres Kanazawa

1-5-3 Hon-machi, Kanazawa, 920 - 0853, Japan

Also known as: IFIE Ishikawa Prefectural International Exchange Center

Language School, Kanazawa, Japan

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Learn Japanese

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Learning Japanese is more than just attending a language course. It's an opportunity to rediscover your approach to the world. All of the courses follow Eurocentres' tried-and-true teaching method, which enables you to tailor your language learning to your individual needs. Beyond that, you will also learn the values of Japanese culture, and so experience the Far Eastern way of life first-hand.


Japanese Language Courses
General Japanese Courses
Intensive Japanese Course

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Eurocentres Kanazawa, Kanazawa, Japan

1-5-3 Hon-machi, 920 - 0853 Kanazawa, Japan

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EdcuationStars StarsEdcuationStars StarsEdcuationStars StarsEdcuationStars StarsEducationStars Stars

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Eurocentres Kanazawa

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