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CILFA Centre International de Langue Francaise d'Annecy

3 rue des Martyrs, Annecy-le-vieux, 74940, France

Language School, Annecy-le-vieux, France

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Welcome to CILFA !

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CILFA (Centre International de Langue Française d’Annecy) provides an ideal environment to learn French as a foreign language whether you are just beginning or have previous experience.

Our plus points are:

- Localization: The exceptional setting of Annecy nestled between lake and mountains, at the heart of the French Alps, near Switzerland and Italy.

- Size (groups of no more than 12 people): The intimate size of the school fosters a friendly atmosphere to study. Personal care is provided to everyone and outside activities are organized to allow greater contact with the language and culture of France in a wide variety of situations.

- Certificates: Affiliated with the Université Savoie Mont Blanc since 1999, CILFA is an examination center for the DILF, DELF and DALF diplomas. It gives students the opportunity to sit such exams several times a year and to attend training courses.

- The French as a Foreign Language Quality label (***)

The courses

Courses are taught by certified instructors who are all used to teaching French as a foreign language. Particular emphasis on communication.

- Morning classes (15 hours/week): The four skills (oral and written comprehension, oral and written production) are taught in a balanced way while focusing on interactions. Textbooks are used to help.

- Night classes (3 hours/week): Twice a week you can follow night classes in order to prepare the DELF exam (from level A1 to level B2).

- Teachers Training Courses: For French as a foreign language teachers and futures teachers. During the first two weeks of July. Good way to develop contact with the language and culture of France. Workshops + sharing and exchange teaching skills.

The French as a Foreign Language Quality label (***)

An official guarantee :

The French as a Foreign Language Quality label is the result of a quality-assurance approach undertaken by three French ministries : the Ministry for Higher Education and Research, the Ministry of Culture and Communication, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They are members of the Interministerial Certification Committee, which awards the label. To get more information about the label, you may visit the website "qualité FLE".


French language courses
General French Courses
French Language Courses
Intensive French Course
Standard French Course
French Vacation Courses for Adults
DELF A1 French Diploma Course
DELF A2 French Diploma Course
DELF B1 French Diploma Course
DELF B2 French Diploma Course
French Course for Exam Preparation
Training for Teachers of French
Longterm French Course

School and classroom facilities

School Facilities
Microwave for students use
Room with computer use
Free water dispenser
Free wifi
Snack sales machine
Beverage sales machine
Student support desk
Free coffee
Table tennis
Free parking
Computer lab
Facilities for disabled students
Wheelchair access to classroom
Access by ramps, slopes and/or manual doors
Classroom equipment
TV in all classrooms
Daylight in all classrooms
Heating in all classrooms

CILFA Centre International de Langue Francaise d'Annecy, Annecy-le-vieux, France

3 rue des Martyrs, 74940 Annecy-le-vieux, France

CILFA Centre International de Langue Francaise d'Annecy

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School Size S

Number of Students in School

Season Avg. max.
Automn (October- December) 40 60
Winter (January-March) 40 60
Spring 40 60
July 40 60
August 40 60
September 40 60
Class Size

Number of Students in Class

Class Type Avg. max.
General French 8 12
Evening Class for DELF preparation 8 12


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