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Avenue des Petits Sapins, 27, Spa, 4900, Belgium

Language School, Spa, Belgium

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Our language training for executives at CERAN

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Not only does Spa offer an exceptional setting in the green countryside of the Ardennes, but it is also well known for its thermal baths. It is at a crossroads between the many languages and cultures of Europe, close to the borders of France, Germany and the Netherlands, with Paris, Brussels and Luxembourg close by.
Whether you wish to learn French, English, German, Dutch or any of the 11 languages we offer, CERAN Belgium | Spa is your language school for intensive language courses, residential full immersion, private lessons, etc. 

CERAN offers comprehensive and customized solutions for a wide range of language training needs

We offer intensive language trainings (including holidays) with full immersion and accommodation for adults 18 years and older all year round Whether you are a beginner with no previous knowledge or already have a good knowledge of the foreign language, our trainings are made for you.

The trainings are offered with accommodation (from 2 days), without accommodation and in the form of distance trainings.

Language trainings with accommodation are offered in our center CERAN Belgium in Spa.

They are available in individual format, in groups or closed groups and in combinations (combination of individual and group format).

Within the different programs, 8 to 10 learning units per day are offered.

Ceran Lingua International, Spa, Belgium

Avenue des Petits Sapins, 27, 4900 Spa, Belgium

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Ceran Lingua International

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