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Mont les Vaux, St Brelade, JE3 8AF, Jersey

Language School, St Brelade, Jersey

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English Courses on the Island of Jersey

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St Brelade’s College was founded by Donald Brown in 1978. His aim was to create an English language school that would provide quality English courses for international students in the beautiful surroundings of Jersey. The language school is now run by his son, Sid Brown whose goal is to build on the key ingredients that have made the English school such a success over the past 40 years: delivering a professional service in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.The college is accredited by the British Council and is a member of English UK (the world’s leading language teaching association). This ensures that we offer a consistently high standard of English teaching.

Adult English Courses

English courses for adults of all ages and levels are available throughout the year at St Brelade’s College in Jersey. Our English programmes have been designed to encompass all aspects of your stay, so that you can maximise your learning & leisure experiences.

Junior English Courses

Morning English lessons and exciting afternoon and evening activities on the junior holiday and intensive English courses. Our English programmes have been designed to provide younger students with an unforgettable learning experience on the safe & beautiful island of Jersey.

St Brelade's College, St Brelade, Jersey

Mont les Vaux, JE3 8AF St Brelade, Jersey

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EdcuationStars StarsEdcuationStars StarsEdcuationStars StarsEdcuationStars StarsEducationStars Stars

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St Brelade's College

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