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Via Sant'Egidio, 12, Florence, 50122, Italy

Language School, Florence, Italy

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1 coursefinders 2 4.50
2 facebook 114 5.00
3 go abroad 9 4.50
4 google reviews 74 4.80
5 language course 39 4.40
6 language international 16 5.00
7 linguatrip 9 5.00
8 my language travel 29 5.00
9 yelp 2 4.00
Total 294 4.84

The most vibrant Italian Language School in Florence

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The cosy atmosphere you experience here will make your time in Italy relaxed and full of exciting moments!

Allow yourself to take a breather and a break from everyday life, discover the heart of our country, through new adventures and thanks to the most powerful tool of all: the Italian language.

Europass is an Italian language school in the historical centre of Florence, Italy.

We founded it 25 years ago so we could have our own place: welcoming, open, where it was easy to connect with others and experience something new.

Italian, without worrying about making a mistake

Although the majority of students who come to us don’t know much Italian  (60% of them starts with A1 level classes), we try to speak in Italian with them from the very beginning.

It’s a little rule of ours, but it shouldn’t scare you: from experience we know it works, and helps you to learn quickly. Everyone is involved and sooner or later can have a go without worrying about make a mistake*.

Our teaching method focuses on practice and conversation, before addressing grammar and language rules, so everyone can experience the joy of learning a language straight away.

We often organize games, film clubs and conversation spaces to improve language skills. On our fun filled trips you can discover new places, new flavours and new smells all the while practicing your Italian.

* Obviously, if you cannot understand, we are able to speak English, Spanish or German to communicate and solve problems.

Europass, Florence, Italy

Via Sant'Egidio, 12, 50122 Florence, Italy


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