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EC Manchester English Language Centre

Boulton House, Manchester, M1 3HY, England

Language School, Manchester, England

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EC Manchester

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What Manchester does today, the world does tomorrow. EC Manchester is a boutique space in the heart of this revolutionary, entrepreneurial and innovative city, famous for its world class football, vibrant music scene and friendly Northern charm.

EC Manchester Centre Information

Centre Info

  • Established 2014
  • Centre capacity: 135
  • Classrooms: 9
  • Minimum age: 16
  • Students per class: Average 12 (Max 15)
  • Wheelchair accessible


School Includes

  • Access to 18 internet connected computers
  • 3 tablets available from Reception
  • Free WiFi internet access throughout the centre
  • Excellent library facilities
  • Boutique style with custom-built interior design features


  • Located in the very heart of Manchester
  • Few minute’s walk from Manchester Piccadilly train station & across the street from the Coach Station
  • Great access to all major cultural, leisure and retail highlights of the city
  • 10 minutes by train to Old Trafford, home stadium of the world’s most famous football team


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English Language Courses

Awards and Recognition

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EC Manchester English Language Centre, Manchester, England

Boulton House, 17-21 Chorlton Street, M1 3HY Manchester, England

Testimonials EC Manchester English Language Centre

Yves Daniel Wittwer
Photo of teacher or student from testimonial


Student Testimonial
I really enjoyed my time in Manchester! The teachers at EC Manchester helped me a lot to improve especially my listening and speaking skills, so now I am able to chat with native speakers without any bigger problems. But EC Manchester was not only a great school, but also an amazing place to make friends. In addition, EC Manchester provides some great services and activities like ‘football afternoon’, bowling, a ‘welcome drink’ and guided tours to other cities! In general, I can recommend a stay in Manchester and especially EC Manchester, to everybody who wants to improve their English skills and have a great time.
Marika Orlando
Photo of teacher or student from testimonial


Student Testimonial
EC Manchester school has been for me an unforgettable experience! I had the opportunity to improve my English with qualified and funny teachers, but also to meet new friends from all over the world – I enjoyed my time with games and activities in the afternoon, because this school offers a wide choice of both cultural visits and sport events.

I recommend this school to everyone who comes in Manchester to study English. Just come and see!

Thank you EC Manchester, you have been for me an amazing adventure!
Natalya Plattseva
Photo of teacher or student from testimonial


Student Testimonial
I chose this destination because I wanted to visit Manchester and Liverpool, and to improve my English and to live in an English family. We learnt a lot of different information: vocabulary in topics 'Films', 'Music', 'Art'... and practised Grammar, writing, reading, listening and of course a lot of speaking. John (our teacher) was fabulous! He could make everybody involved in a class activity. He made our lessons interesting and unforgettable! I would recommend EC to all my friends and mates! This school is worth visiting! The weather was fantastic! Activities were incredible! Everything was very good, especially the staff (Melanie, Pablo, Michael and John). We loved this school!
Timo Estermann
Photo of teacher or student from testimonial


Student Testimonial
I have chosen EC Manchester because of my agency, they recommended me EC and to be honest, my favourite football team is Manchester United. So I had no choice! After a few weeks, my English was way better than before but I don't know why! Was it because of the amazing teachers or the familiar atmosphere, I really don't know.

One of the best things in EC Manchester are the free activities, the chance to meet schoolmates in a different ambience and to make a relationship with people from around the world. I always start to smile while looking back.

The time in EC Manchester was really enjoyable and I would do it again, everytime!
Al Sharai Mazen
Photo of teacher or student from testimonial

Saudi Arabia

Student Testimonial
I chose EC because it is a famous school with a good reputation.

I have learned a lot of things and I have improved a lot. I now know how to talk to other people in English. I really enjoyed studying, making new friends and meeting people from around the world.

Playing football with my friends was my favourite EC activity and I liked using English all the time in my accommodation.

I would recommend EC Manchester to anyone, the staff here are more helpful than other schools.

I will never forget anything from my stay.
John Nicholas Steciuk
Photo of teacher or student from testimonial

EC Manchester, England

Teacher Testimonial
I am a native English speaker and have been an EFL teacher since graduating university in 2012. I studied for my CELTA qualification at International House Prague, before teaching students from a wide range of ability levels and language backgrounds in South Korea and Malaysia for 18 months. I have a lot of experience teaching for TOEFL examinations as well as General English and English for Academic Purposes (EAP), and I am always keen to learn new things that help me to improve my teaching!

No matter what your level, try to use you English outside the classroom as much as possible! Manchester is a friendly and diverse city, so while studying here you have a great opportunity to practice speaking and listening to people in English 24 hours a day! Another great resource is the BBC IPlayer, which has loads of great English language TV programmes with optional English subtitles.

My classes are laid back and fun. Learning a new language can be a stressful process at times, so I make and extra effort to make sure everyone in my class feels welcomed and comfortable to make mistakes. After all, making mistakes is the best way to learn from them! In my class, I like to relate everything back to practical, conversational English that you can really use in your day to day life – whether that’s chatting about films or football, or chatting someone up in a bar!
Jennifer Russell
Photo of teacher or student from testimonial

EC Manchester, England

Teacher Testimonial
I am a native English speaker and have been an EFL teacher since I graduated from University in 2012. I have worked in various language academies in Manchester and have spent two years living and working in different areas of Spain teaching English. I also have experience teaching in mainstream English schools where I have taught phonics and Spanish to children of different ages. During my time as an EFL teacher I have had experience teaching the First Certificate exam whereby students have gone on to be successful and find jobs in English speaking countries. I also have experience teaching IELTS for Academic Purposes, Business English and English for Young Learners.

Learning tips: Talk, talk, talk! The most important way of increasing confidence and improving your English is to put what you have learned in the classroom into practice. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes and motivate yourself by doing activities you enjoy…but make sure they are in English!

My classes are interactive and fun with lots of opportunity to speak! I feel the best way to learn is to use the English you have previously learned into conversation and to have fun doing it.
Irina Wing
Photo of teacher or student from testimonial

EC Manchester, England

Teacher Testimonial
My name is Irina and I live in Sheffield. Languages are my passion, and I’ve always been fascinated by the way they work. I speak Russian and some German, but there are many more I’d love to learn! I enjoy meeting people from all over the world and learning about new cultures as well.

I have a degree in Linguistics and started my career as a translator. My first teaching job was in the south of Russia, which I really enjoyed. I have also taught English to people from different countries at a community centre in Sheffield. I did my CELTA course several months ago, and that was a fantastic experience. I have been an EFL teacher for over two years and have taught all General English levels and Cambridge exam preparation classes. I have worked with both adults and children.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, after all, it’s the only way to learn. Besides, native speakers sometimes make mistakes too! Step out of your comfort zone and try something you’ve not done before – ask for directions, start a conversation with a shop assistant, or simply chat with a complete stranger. You’ll feel so much better about yourself. Think of learning English as training for a marathon – it’s important that you do something for it every single day, and the results will follow!

EC Manchester English Language Centre

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General English Courses,
20 lessons/week






Tuition &

School Size M

Number of Students in School

Season Avg. max.
all year 80 135
Class Size

Number of Students in Class

Class Type Avg. max.
all year 12 15

Origin of the Students

Age Mix

Age structure

Age group %
16 to 17 9
18 to 20 30
21 to 25 27
26 to 30 11
31 to 40 17
41 to 50 4
50 plus 2


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