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Habla: Spanish Language School and Education Center

Calle 26 99, México, Mérida, 97125, Mexico

Language School, Mérida, Mexico

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A year-round cross-cultural program for adults, teens, and kids

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Habla connects people across communities building a world of understanding in which culture is not a barrier, but rather a possibility.

At Habla, Spanish comes alive through shared stories and hands-on learning experiences.OUR APPROACH

At Habla learning Spanish is a journey that extends beyond the grammatical structures and vocabulary that make up the language. Our learning program is based on developing the four linguistic skills: speaking, writing, listening and reading. What makes Habla distinct is that these foundational skills are enhanced by four elements.

Culture - Language is embedded in a larger cultural context. At Habla students learn language while connecting with the traditions, foods, and customs of the culture as well as learning about current social and political events. Exploring literature and the arts are also central to Habla's Spanish courses.

Story - We share stories and make connections between our personal experiences and the world around us in order to make learning memorable and meaningful.

Community - Creating a safe space for all students is critical to learning a new language. Adult classes at Habla are all six or fewer students and each class is tailored to their language level (many language schools will place students from different levels in the same classroom). We adjust classes based on the learning needs of the students.

Alegria - Creating a learning environment where students feel alegria - joy - IS essential to the Habla vision. Our teachers understand that students have different learning rhythms and goals and we are sensitive to different needs.


Habla: Spanish Language School and Education Center, Mérida, Mexico

Calle 26 99, México, 97125 Mérida, Mexico