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Alliance Française de Rouen-Normandie

80 Boulevard de l'Yser, Rouen, 76000, France

Language School, Rouen, France

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Alliance française is an international organization that aims to promote the French language and francophone culture around the world. Understanding and adapting to the different learning styles, we offer French courses and classes in Rouen, Le Havre and Cherbourg all year round.

The work of the Alliance Française is rooted in the Normandy region where we work along side the City of Rouen, local and national governments as well as various associations and operators of the educational and corporate sectors to remain the gold standard in French-language education.

The Alliance Française is a state-recognised higher education establishment and training organization.

Located in the heart of Rouen, in a gorgeous heritage building just a stone's throw from the cathedral, our institution welcomes about 1500 students from 90 different nationalities every year.

Our students enrol independently or through one of the companies that entrust us with their French education needs.

Professional trainings

The Alliance Française is also a training centre for managers, academic directors, teachers and future teachers of FLE (French as a foreign language), helping trainees every year, both in situ and on a distance-learning basis.

Alliance Française Rouen-Normandie experts complete missions abroad every year, providing international training for leaders and teachers at Instituts Français and Alliances Françaises worldwide.

A global network

The Alliance Française Rouen-Normandie is a not-for-profit organization operating autonomously with no political or religious commitments, at the heart of a global network of over 800 institutions worldwide (133 countries), coordinated by the Alliance Française Foundation (Fondation Alliance Française).

Our mission, the same throughout all Alliances Françaises, is to promote and disseminate the French language and Francophone cultures throughout the world.

As a unique network, the Alliance Française was founded in 1883 in Paris under the aegis of Paul Cambon and Pierre Foncin, around personalities such as Jules Verne, Louis Pasteur, Ferdinand de Lesseps, Armand Colin and Ernest Renan.

All Alliances Françaises work towards three essential tasks:

  • Offering French classes for all, both in France and abroad
  • Spreading awareness of French and Francophone culture
  • Promoting cultural diversity

Alliances Françaises have shared values that drive the network, acting as the basis for all their actions:

  • Respect for cultural diversity, a passion for exchanges and solidarity
  • The values of the not-for-profit sector
  • Conviviality
  • Striving for excellence in all activities undertaken
  • Modernity and innovation


French language courses
General French Courses
French Language Courses
Intensive French Course
French Courses for Executive
Standard French Course
French Vacation Courses for Juniors
French Vacation Courses for Adults
DELF A1 French Diploma Course
DELF A2 French Diploma Course
DELF B1 French Diploma Course
DELF B2 French Diploma Course
DALF C1 French Diploma Course
DALF C2 French Diploma Course
French Course for Exam Preparation
French and Cooking Course
French and University Preparation
Training for Teachers of French
Longterm French Course
French Academic Year
French for 50 plus

School and classroom facilities

School Facilities
Copy machine
Room with computer use
Corner with computer use
Free water dispenser
Free wifi
Coffee shop in the school
Snack sales machine
Beverage sales machine
Lounge with TV
Student support desk
Table soccer
Balcony or Terrace
Computer lab
High-quality language learning programs available for free
Free access to language learning software
Facilities for disabled students
Wheelchair access to reception
Wheelchair access to cafeteria
Wheelchair access to classroom
Accessible toilet
Access by ramps, slopes and/or manual doors
Adapted for students with learning difficulties
Adapted for students with hearing difficulties
Classroom equipment
TV in all classrooms
Air conditioning in some classrooms
Daylight in all classrooms
Heating in all classrooms
Electronic whiteboard in all classrooms
Free online e-learning before or/and after language course

Accreditations and quality seals

Alliance Française de Rouen-Normandie, Rouen, France

80 Boulevard de l'Yser, 76000 Rouen, France

Alliance Française de Rouen-Normandie

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Number of Students in School

Season Avg. max.
All Year 1500 2000
Class Size

Number of Students in Class

Class Type Avg. max.
All Year 10 15

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