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Expanish Barcelona

Carrer de Pau Claris 186, 2nd Floor, Barcelona, 08037, Spain

Language School, Barcelona, Spain

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Spanish School in Barcelona

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Expanish is a boutique Spanish language school located in the neighborhood of Eixample in Barcelona.  We offer Spanish courses for foreigners during the day and night for those visiting the city and those who live here.  Intensive Spanish classes begin every Monday and students can take from 1 week and up to 1 year of Spanish classes.

Night Spanish Classes in Barcelona

Expanish offers night Spanish classes for those living and working in Barcelona and are looking to continue improving their Spanish skills.  They are 4 hours per week (two 2-hour classes) and you can start at the beginning of the month.

Student Housing in Barcelona

Expanish offers homestays, student apartments and student residences as housing options to allow a variety of experiences for our students.  Whether you want to have an immersion experience and live with a family or have more independence and live with classmates, we can help you find housing close to the school that matches your needs.

Immersion Activities

Together with classes, the school offers free activities every week to allow students to practice their Spanish outside the classroom, be social with their classmates and learn more about Spanish culture.  It is a great option to really feel immersed in the city of Barcelona.

Expanish Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Carrer de Pau Claris 186, 2nd Floor, 08037 Barcelona, Spain