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GADIR International School of Spanish

Escuela Internacional de Español

Calle Pérgolas, 5, Cadiz, 11007, Spain

Language School, Cadiz, Spain

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The Spanish School GADIR

GADIR, founded in 1989,  is a medium-sized school in which pupils, teachers and organisers all know each other and call each other by their first name from the very beginning. Our main aim is to ensure that during your stay you learn how to speak, think and feel in Spanish.

GADIR is situated in an independent building in the district of the Bahía Blanca, only a few minutes away from the historic city centre and the beach. Our school has seven teaching rooms, a lounge, a library, a video library, a garden and a patio, all for the use of our students.

GADIR, Escuela Internacional de Español es gestionada por la Sociedad Limitada Escuela Internacional de Español GADIR, propiedad de Antonio Aguilera Acosta y Cristina Sáinz Gutiérrez, ambos trabajadores y codirectores del centro.

GADIR International School of Spanish, Cadiz, Spain

Calle Pérgolas, 5, 11007 Cadiz, Spain