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Proyecto Español

Calle Garcia Morato 41, Alicante, 03004, Spain

Language School, Alicante, Spain

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1 coursefinders 2 5.00
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4 language course 4 4.50
5 language international 11 4.00
6 tripadvisor 21 5.00
7 yelp 2 4.00
Total 181 4.84

Proyecto Español, Alicante, Spain

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Learn Spanish in Spain with our courses suited to your needs in terms of timetables and duration. We offer all levels of Spanish all year round with the possibility of starting every Monday. (For absolute beginners please check the calendar). Choose between our schools in Alicante, Granada, Madrid or Barcelona, or a combination of the 4 and enjoy the best Spanish courses in these wonderful cities.

Proyecto Español, Alicante, Spain

Calle Garcia Morato 41, 03004 Alicante, Spain