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6 rue Foch, Montpellier, 34000, France

Former known as: LSF Language Courses in Southern France

Language School, Montpellier, France

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EdcuationStars StarsEdcuationStars StarsEdcuationStars StarsEdcuationStars StarsEducationStars Stars

240 Ratings

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1 EducationStars 30 3.73
2 go overseas 7 4.70
3 google reviews 59 4.80
4 language course 138 4.40
5 language international 6 4.00
Total 240 4.41


French language courses
General French Courses
French Language Courses
Intensive French Course
French Courses for Executive
Standard French Course
French Vacation Courses for Juniors
French Vacation Courses for Adults
DELF A1 French Diploma Course
DELF A2 French Diploma Course
DELF B1 French Diploma Course
DELF B2 French Diploma Course
DALF C1 French Diploma Course
DALF C2 French Diploma Course
French Course for Exam Preparation
French and Cooking Course
Training for Teachers of French
Longterm French Course
English language courses
Summer Camp for Teenagers

School and classroom facilities

School Facilities
Kitchen for students use
Microwave for students use
Copy machine
Refrigerator for students use
Room with computer use
Free water dispenser
Free wifi
Beverage sales machine
Roof terrace
Movie rental
Facilities for disabled students
Wheelchair access to reception
Wheelchair access to classroom
Accessible toilet
Access by ramps, slopes and/or manual doors
Classroom equipment
Air conditioning in all classrooms
Daylight in all classrooms
Electronic whiteboard in most classrooms

Accreditations and quality seals

LSF FRANCE, Montpellier, France

6 rue Foch, 34000 Montpellier, France

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EdcuationStars StarsEdcuationStars StarsEdcuationStars StarsEdcuationStars StarsEducationStars Stars

30 Ratings

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