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República de Chile #182, Puerto Vallarta, 48350, Mexico

Language School, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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1 ESL 1 3.70
2 facebook 76 4.90
3 google reviews 14 4.90
4 language course 20 4.80
5 language international 23 4.80
6 yelp 5 5.00
Total 139 4.86


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Welcome to Puerto Vallarta! You have just taken the first step towards a new, Spanish-speaking you: thank you for choosing us as your full immersion Spanish school. Our Spanish school offers a variety of programs: from a relaxed beach holiday schedule to the intensity of an executive course, we are committed to Excellence and the quality of our teaching is our priority, no matter how intense you wish your program to be. We are located in heavenly Puerto Vallarta, one of the safest and most beautiful destinations of the Mexican Pacific Coast.

Spanish Experience Center, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

República de Chile #182, Col. Cinco de Diciembre, 48350 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico