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Nab Cottage English Language in the Lakes

Rydal, Ambleside, LA22 9SD, England

Language School, Ambleside, England

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English courses at the Lakes

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Nab Cottage is a unique language school located in the centre of the Lake District National Park, UK. Only 2 hours north of Manchester Airport. The school started out as a family-run business in 1983, and is still a family language school, receiving students from all over the world. Nab Cottage only receives 20 students at any time, which means that classes are very small. Teachers and students live together in a 15th century farm house, which means one can constantly speak English. The school’s staff has embraced a holistic approach in which they encourage students to behave, think and dream in English. All courses are for adults, options including General English, English and Walking, Personal Development in English, English & Yoga, etc.

What is so special about our school?

• Students and teachers live together and study together
• A continuous interaction in English.
• A maximum of 20 students in the school at any time
• The students are all adults and come from all over the world
• They use a holistic model of learning, encouraging students to behave, think, dream and relax in English
• The school is located in an area of outstanding beauty and tranquility. It overlooks a small lake and is surrounded by mountains.

The gardens around the cottage and barn are used for lessons when the weather is fine. There is also a patio with barbecue where students and teachers often eat lunch, an orchard, a vegetable/flower garden and an outdoor sauna.

The food at the cottage is delicious: they make their own bread and use organic and fair-trade produce when possible. Mealtimes are a wonderful opportunity for planning, conversation and celebration!

Which courses does our school offer?

The courses offered are a combination of:
Large Group/Whole Community Sessions
• Small Group Classes
• One-To-One Sessions
• Guided Study Sessions
• Small Group Activity Sessions
• Task-based learning activities to enable student to student interaction and interaction within the local community
• Creative work stimulating imagination and promoting self-expression
• Guided relaxation, visualisation and image work, encouraging total learning - harmonising left and right sides of the brain.

• English & walking
• Personal development in English
• Experiential English for teachers
• English & yoga

What about the free-time activities?

The Lake District National Park is an area of incredible beauty. There are many wonderful walks from the cottage including waterfalls, caves, valleys, mountains and rivers.

The school has a large canoe you can use on the lake and on warm days you can swim in the lake. It is a 500m walk along the lake to our local pub, a 3km walk along the river into the local village of Ambleside, and 3km around the lake into Grasmere.

The region is very popular with British tourists so there are many facilities in the villages, including cinemas, shops, bars, clubs, boating, tennis, fitness centres and leisure spas.

There are two larger market towns 18km from here; Keswick to the north and Kendal to the south, where you can find ruined castles, an ancient stone circle, theatres, museums and many other attractions.


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Nab Cottage English Language in the Lakes, Ambleside, England

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